You Can Be a Ghostbuster…”Action” Figure


Cubify, a printing company who can produce objects in 3D is selling your collectible Ghostbusters™ “action” figure. Unlike Matty Collector’s male Rookie figure, this is a figurine (male or female) based on your likeness, at least your face with a pose (four to choose from) of your choice. Most likely something that fits your personality.


Once your pic is uploaded (or take a new one via your webcam) you’ll be able to see what your 3D figure can look like on the following poses:

  1. “Ready for action” (Ghostbusters poster.)
  2. “Holding Nutrona Wand” (Standing, ready for action.)
  3. “Bustin’ Makes You Feel Good.” (Ghostbusters music video)
  4. “We got it!” (Holding a Ghost Trap)

When you’re ready to make it real, your figurine costs $69.99 USD before any possible taxes or s/h.


After working for Ghostbusters International/Ghostbusters Incorporated for 10 years I can finally have my own figure. Now I just have to find out if they’ll pay for it. 🙂

Photo Source: Cubify/3D Me


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