Individual Look At Quantum Mechanix Q-Pop Ghostbusters


In September Quantum Mechanix released a promo photo (posted above) of their upcoming Q-Pop Ghostbusters figures. During October (we think, we accidentally overlooked it to post) QMX and on-line retailers released separate photos of the boys in gray. Let’s take a better look at each of them.

qmxqpopeter qmxqpopray

qmxqpopegon qmxqpopwinston

We’re not exactly sure why these figures are wearing a knee pads. Perhaps it was a creative, yet logical decision. My employers couldn’t have known knee pads (that you wear on your knees and not your elbows) could certainly be handy depending on the case.

Hopefully too the final figures will have their names as part of the name “patch.” Even if they don’t, they could be customized by fans.

Q-Pop Ghostbusters figures will be available during the first quarter of 2015 and retail for $19.99 USD each. Some on-line retailers are currently taking orders as part of a pre-sale.

News Source: Big Bad Toy Store Photo Source: Entertainment Earth


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