Ghostbusters Snack Pack

Hard to believe 30 years later, when GHOSTBUSTERS™ was being made, then in and out of theaters the film property didn’t seem be that marketable. Prior to The Real Ghostbusters, ‘movie merchandise’ was limited with books, soundtracks, a lunch box, model kits, and paper goods.

Paper goods?


C.A. Reed Inc. (today we think C.A Reed Party Supplies) had a license to make Ghostbusters party supplies. During The Real Ghostbusters C.A Reed also produced related party supplies.

Besides a piece of Ghostbusters™ history its interesting to see how licensees “saw” Ghostbusters products. The simplicity of the animated “no ghost” logo and Ghostbusters title works well. I don’t know about you, I can count one hand the number of times I’ve seen black paper plates and napkins. C.A Reed most likely didn’t have the rights to use actors likenesses, I do wonder if they ever had Slimer and/or Stay-Puft Snack Packs as well. Fits the use of these products just a little better.



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