Universal Studios Considering Bringing Back Ghostbusters Spooktacular


This could be something to be corporate thankful for. We want to get excited, before we make immediate travel plans let’s take a look at what Universal Studios is ‘considering.’


Universal Orlando sent out a Feedback Initiative letting theme park goers (is that what we’re called?) that Ghostbusters Spooktacular could be in their future plans.

Feedback Initiative

Ghostbusters: Back In Action

The long awaited revival of the classic Universal Studios Show is here! The Ghostbusters are back to save the day when your tour of the soundstage where the classic film was shot goes horribly wrong and Slimer, Gozer, and other ghosts attack. Of course, the show features a final battle with the Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man as well as plenty of laughs.

Show would be approximately 25 minutes long and be featured 6 times per day.

Thankfully they’re not calling it Back In The Saddle. 😉

Credit: Stingray Travel (Twitter)

Photo Credits:

  1. Gary Goddard (We think.)
  2. Universal Orlando

7 thoughts on “Universal Studios Considering Bringing Back Ghostbusters Spooktacular

    1. That’s great you got to see it once. I not only missed the original Spooktacular, (and all its “evolving” shows) also BTTF: The Ride. 😦

      My parents and I had been to Florida (way down the east coast from New Jersey) during the late ’80s. Well 1986. Without looking it up I don’t know if Universal had a Universal Studios in Orlando at the time. I certainly remember Disney World.

      Four years later in 1990 however this actually happened (we didn’t usually do such big family trips like these) we flew to Las Vegas (and surrounding area) to visit family. Las Vegas in 1990 for 12 years old, boring. 😀 Thankfully that was only a stop on the way to (at least to me) California. We drove to San Diego (I think, and the rest of the drive is kinda a blur) at the end of the drive we were in Anaheim. Hometown to Disneyland. We had never been to Disneyland, more importantly we were going to Universal Studios Hollywood! Where I knew Back To The Future had been filmed!

      As this was 1990, the courthouse square part of the Universal backlot still looked like Hill Valley, 2015. We did the touristy tram tour. I took a couple of pics in “Hill Valley.” I definitely wish I had taken more. Universal Hollywood was pretty cool for the time and nearly 25 years later still my only trip to it.

      During the early to mid 1990s I’m not sure how aware I was of the Ghostbusters Spooktacular at Universal Orlando. Hard to believe by this site, I was much more of a BTTF fan and definitely knew about The Ride. It always seemed there, I guess I sorta took it for granted, I never made a trip to Universal Orlando to experience the park, the Spooktacular or The Ride.

      Even during the 2000s BTTF: The Ride always seemed like it was there. I kinda couldn’t believe it was going to close for The Simpsons.

      Not from a corporate point of view, I’m surprised Universal isn’t also considering something BTTF related at the parks as next year is BTTF’s 30th Anniversary and I think most people know they own the rights.

  1. Ouch, that’s a shame.
    Back to the Future: The Ride is still at Universal Studios Japan. It’s dubbed in Japanese but still a heck of a lot of fun to go on. I went on it 3 times during my last visit.

    It’s a pity they don’t have anything Back to the Future related at one of the parks in America. As you mention with the anniversary coming up they should have something like a performance reenacting famous scenes from it. Or bring back the Ride altogether.

    1. Yeah, I’ve experienced BTTF: The Ride through the internet and through the 25th Anniversary Blu-ray. Which wouldn’t have been possible without BTTF fans and Stephen Clark (who runs bttf.com) working on and/or with Universal to put The Ride on the Blu-ray.

      When “the” BTTF message board was around fans “watched” as Universal eventually closed both Orlando and Hollywood’s BTTF: The Ride(s). I’ve known about the Japanese BTTF Ride, I think an American fan was on vacation in Japan and went to there park to experience all things BTTF there. I know fans were appreciative of him sharing pics.

      Last I knew in the American locations Universal had a guy playing Doc Brown with his “time traveling” bike, which he rides around the park. I don’t remember if they also have a Marty. I’ve seen fans dressed as Marty taking pics with that Doc.

      To bring this around to Ghostbusters 😀 I’ve experienced The Spooktacular through the internet thanks to ghostheads. You might remember I wrote a review about the second version of the Spooktacular earlier this past March.


    2. Ok, so I don’t know if I was in a “hurry” to reply to your response that day for whatever reason, I somehow didn’t realize you had been on the Japanese version of the BTTF Ride, which also means you’ve been to Japan.

      That’s another conversation. Kinda sad, I’ve never been to any other country. I’ve been interested in Japan and their culture. Have you written about your trip (or trips) to Japan?

      Also with my family ancestry and enjoyment of history I hope to someday get to visit at least a few European countries. England, Ireland, Italy, Germany. I guess France. :p

      1. Actually I’m living in Japan at the moment which made it fairly easy for me to get to Osaka and go on the ride. I haven’t written too much about Japan on my blog. A few bits here and there but it’s all connected to movies, books and TV. Definitely this is a place you need to visit. If you ever have any questions about travel or places to see here let me know.

  2. Wow, that’s pretty cool you’re living in Japan. 8) I’d have enough questions for you living there when it comes to the culture. This isn’t exactly the site to talk about Japan. I certainly would talk to you more about it. 🙂

    I use to visit a blog (because of that BTTF conversation) that was sorta touristy, showed visitors who were planning a trip to Japan about the culture around them. i.e.: travel, currency, phones, trains, hotels, places to visit, holidays. I think it was called or the domain had “wanna go to Japan” in the title. Unfortunately once the typhoon occurred in 2011 and it affected Fukushima that was the last year (I knew of) that site had been updated. I really liked it. I’m not sure if its still up.

    I have searched your blog and seen the connection with movies, etc.

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