Ghostbusters Video Games


Five years ago during the development of Ghostbusters: The Video Game I had a small section for the then newest Ghostbusters video game. It was (and is) a big deal and it made sense for Ghostbusters International to have a dedicated (at least at first) page for it.

During the summer of Ghostbusters 25th Anniversary my life took some really unexpected turns. I had to move from the two family house I grew up in. I wouldn’t complete the move into my current place for another 4 months. As it works out for this post I moved into my house this week five years ago.

A dedicated video game section took a back seat, then seemingly to a junk yard before Ghostbusters Incorporated would find its place and come into its own. The idea remained to have a Ghostbusters video game area. It would be more than just ‘Ghostbusters 2009.’ It could be an archive going back to Ghostbusters gaming roots.

I didn’t just want to copy or mirror other Ghostbusters sites material. I didn’t have much to physically offer with “old school” gaming until a few years ago. I didn’t know when I’d work with and add that material to either Ecto-Containment or GB Inc.

Last year while ghostheads were talking about classic Ghostbusters gaming, some which came from Commodore 64 I had an opportunity to share and contribute some of its materials. (Ecto-Containment)

Coincidentally nearly a year later an opportunity came around to help give back by not only sharing what I have, to work with and host files provided by Paul Rudoff who runs Spook Central. Depending on the printed material, it was also handled and worked on by Matthew Jordan who runs Ghostbusters Wiki.

Late November-Early December 2014

I started going through the newer files around Thanksgiving. I’ve been getting organized and with some of the printed material making PDF files. I was finally ready to start creating pages Thursday night. I couldn’t see or think straight. I began anew yesterday, establishing the main Ghostbusters Video Games page, which is part of the Media section.

I’m working on the early days of Ghostbusters video gaming which wouldn’t be possible without David Crane developing Ghostbusters through his then company Activision. That early Ghostbusters game was ported across computers worldwide and made its way to consoles.

Yesterday in addition to establishing the main video game page, I created a section for Commodore 64. On that page are links to the C64 versions for the United States, United Kingdom, Europe, and Australia.

I don’t have a set time frame for completing GB Inc’s Ghostbusters video game area. With files organized, worked on or being worked on, and as these computer pages are up (for the early Ghostbusters game) that can help as well.

And you thought it was just a movie!


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