Arts & Crafts: Ghosthead Scarf

We were about 84% sure we’ve sold Ghostbusters scarves before. It’s possible, we couldn’t think of one off the top of our heads. Uh, no puns intended. If their was never an official one, then we don’t blame Supernova Costuming for making one. Hey, is that a space reference or a Oasis homage?


If someone asks you if that’s a scarf you tell them YES Ray!
This Ghostbusters inspired scarf is made from durable khaki material and warm fleece ‘slime’ to create a 60in infinity scarf complete with name patch and Ghostbusters patch. It’s ready for field testing and while it’s no replacement for a proper particle accelerator it will certainly keep you warm should the containment grid fail on you.

Just so everyone knows, the ‘containment grid’ only failed on us that one very hectic time. Also, we recommend never use a Nutrona Wand for warmth. “Important safety tip, thanks Spengs.”

If you’re interested in buying (Louis, check into the legality of that) a similar scarf if you can’t make your own, Supernova Costuming can also make one for you, for a modest price of course.

Photo Source: Supernova Costuming


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