Ghostbusters Video Games: Personal Computing


I’ve continued to be busy since establishing GB Inc’s Ghostbusters Video Games (blog post) section. The next set of updates are about David Crane’s Ghostbusters game for practically every other computer company within and outside of the US. That original idea was to include all versions (that I know of and have access to) of the original game and add the Ghostbusters II and The Real Ghostbusters computer games. As I’ll probably need to do more research on them I decided to focus with the multiple national and international versions of David Crane’s Ghostbusters, built from within his company Activision. I’m sure I haven’t covered every international version.

If these games had individual releases within European countries, Latin or South America, and you can provide information and/or pictures it would not only be appreciated; you’ll be credited as well.


I’ve established a new Personal Computers section for the original Ghostbusters video game. Which in a way branches off from the Commodore 64 section. On the PC page are links to most (I think) 1980s computers. These include:

  1. Amstrad
  2. Apple II
  3. Spectrum
  4. MSX

The Personal Computers section and the four additional computer pages contain (wherever application) information, personal observations, box art, and screens from the various versions of the game. If like myself you haven’t seen or played David Crane’s Ghostbusters in decades the screens are an insight to how the different versions looked and felt on their respective computer systems.

Photo Sources:


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