Ghostbusters Video Games: Atari, More Games=More Fun


Once David Crane’s Ghostbusters for personal computers (blog post) was added to Ghostbusters Incorporated, I immediately moved to evolving gaming systems. If you grew up in the 1980s as I did and played video games away from a computer, you most likely did so because of Atari, well and Nintendo. That will be covered in the next update.

For me (and kids around my age) that meant an Atari 2600. By now you probably know during the 1980s Atari had earlier and later gaming systems. I’m only personally familiar with I’m guessing the more popular Atari 2600. Where Atari and Activision fortunately made a Ghostbusters game. Good thing they were able to after that whole Extra Terrestrial fiasco.


Atari ported Ghostbusters to Atari 800, which was more of a computer then a “console,” then later to the memorable Atari 2600. I’ve never had the chance to use an Atari 800, let alone knew their was a Ghostbusters game to load on it. I’m not sure if I had Ghostbusters for our Atari 2600. My memories of Ghostbusters gaming were to come from my yet to be made 1980s future.

Each of GB Inc’s Atari pages contains brief info, box art, and screens. I’m nintending **groans** 😀 to talk about Ghostbusters for another evolving game console soon.

Photo Source: Revival Studios


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