Ghostbusters Video Games: Sega Master System, The Challenge Will Always Be There


After catching up on my transformed personal blog and partially taking a weekend the next Ghostbusters Video Game section and its first page has been created and published.

Sega had three (that I know of) game systems which had the original Ghostbusters games to a more “next generation” Ghostbusters game. David Crane’s original first made its SEGA debut on their Master System. Seems kinda alien.


Personally I never experienced Sega’s Master System or knew their had been multiple versions of Ghostbusters for Sega until adulthood. My first experience with Sega and Ghostbusters would come with Genesis. Thanks to ghostheads and collectors who preserve Ghostbusters history 28 years later we all get to experience GHOSTBUSTERS™ for SEGA Master System.

GB Inc’s Sega Master System page contains:
  • Brief info.
  • Scans of the US box art.
  • The game cartridge.
  • Instructions Manual PDF.
  • Screens.

Sega Master System Photo Source: Wikimedia Commons

Sega Master System Scans Provided By: Paul Rudoff (Spook Central Companion Blog)


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