30th Anniversary: Ghostbusters Funko Pop! Movies Peter Venkman

Bill Murray may not want to be a Ghostbuster, Funko Pop! Movies Dr. Peter Venkman does! Ghostbusters are hiring, who will be their next employee? 😀


In August I wrote about the Funko Pop! Movies Ghostbusters vinyl figures I had bought from Barnes & Noble and Amazon. I was missing a stand alone Pop! Movies Ghostbuster. To explain the absence I said:

Pop! Dr. Venkman was unavailable as he was looking for a non existent Dana as Gatekeeper Pop!

I knew I’d be receiving a Pop! Movies Dr. Peter Venkman (104) as a gift. With Christmas come and gone, I not only received a Pop! Movies Dr. Peter Venkman, other Funko Pop! Ghostbusters figures as well. 🙂

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