Ghostbusters Vs Mythbusters Time Lapse Painting


Back in November, (GB Inc. Blog Post) Epic Rap Battles (videos contain mature language) created an epic rap battle to determine who are the better ‘busters. Who actually won the battle may have surprised you. We’ll leave that for “you to decide.” 🙂

When it was time to bring “the B team back from the dead” (whatever that could possibly mean) The ‘Mythbusters’ needed their Kari Byron. That’s where artist Mary Doodles comes in.

Because I know you were really wondering, this is the first time we’ve seen a piece of original Ghostbusters art using watercolors.

Post epic battle Mary Doodles painted and also created a time lapse video which represents art based on the Ghostbusters Vs MythBusters ERB concept and video. Mary painted this piece back in November, we only saw it for the first time this week.

Photo Source: Mary Doodles


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