A 3D Printable Ghost Trap


3D Printers and related software can be great for companies and individuals. For personal use, corporations like Ghostbusters Inc. don’t really want to see individuals printing our copyrighted and potentially dangerous (without proper training) equipment. We know the above Ghost Trap, printed by Phillip Avery (My Mini Factory) doesn’t actually work to catch paranormal entities. Eventually the technology will come far enough to replicate inferior operational equipment. Even if we authorized a label so we won’t be liable, we do and will have to look after our best interests.

Despite our apprehensions (big word) we’re still impressed that ghostheads (who normally are intellectual types anyway) can print a mostly realistic interpretation of what Drs. Spengler and Stantz conceptualized and built three decades ago.

Excerpt From Phillip Avery

It was built using TinkerCad and is fully detailed right down to the weld marks! The Cartridge is removable from the outer frame, the trap doors can open and close and there is even a working cartridge catch switch that holds the cartridge in the outer frame and releases it when the handle switch is slid forward. 

If you have the capability to print in 3D and would like a similar Ghost Trap plans can be downloaded through My Mini Factory.



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