A 3D Proton Pack


Prior to learning Phillip Avery created a 3D Printable Ghost Trap we knew ghosthead Tommy B was building a Proton Pack from printing 3D parts. As far as we knew (until today) this is the first 1:1 scale prop Proton Pack made by printing necessary pieces. We really like what Tommy B created. We’re pleased its a prop, not operational high tech (and potentially dangerous) equipment.

Tommy B used a Makerbot Replica 2 3D Printer to print the parts. Parts files came from software engineer Tony Goacher and are hosted at Thingiverse. Printable 3D files can be used for individual, non commercial use.

We basically wanted to show the files/parts come to life.

3D Parts

tommyb3453dparts tommyb3453dparts2 tommyb3453dparts3 tommyb3453dparts4

tommyb3453dparts5 tommyb3453dparts6 tommyb3453dparts7 tommyb3453dparts8 tommyb3453dparts9


tommyb345together2 tommyb345together3 tommyb345together4 tommyb345together5

tommyb345together6 tommyb345together7 tommyb345together9 tommyb345together10

tommyb345together11 tommyb345together12


tommyb345together tommyb345together8

tommyb345complete tommyb345complete2 tommyb345complete3

tommyb345complete4 tommyb345complete5 tommyb345complete6



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