Radio Controlled Ghostbusters Available Now

At last years New York Toy Fair we wrote about World Tech Toys. An electronic toy company known for licensing popular characters and basically adding a radio controlled helicopter element. It wasn’t clear in February how World Tech Toys could make sense of making Ghostbusters action figures fly. We also still don’t know if they completely created new action figures for this feat. Less then a year later three of the four Ghostbusters, Slimer, and Stay-Puft are ready for take off. Continue reading “Radio Controlled Ghostbusters Available Now”

BaronVonJello 3D Ghost Trap


Ghosthead BaronVonJello recently finished designing a 3D Ghost Trap. The file will be used to be printed from the 3D printing community and company Shapeways.

Printable 3D files can be used for individual, non commercial use. Continue reading “BaronVonJello 3D Ghost Trap”