BaronVonJello 3D Ghost Trap


Ghosthead BaronVonJello recently finished designing a 3D Ghost Trap. The file will be used to be printed from the 3D printing community and company Shapeways.

Printable 3D files can be used for individual, non commercial use.



From BaronVonJello

I used Sean B’s ghost trap plans and a lot of reference. It’s about 15 parts if you count each individual knob and plate. The capture chamber, base, handle, and main housing are all one hollow body. The doors are separate. They fit into little peg-holes near the handle of the trap, and are then fixed to the trap once the LED housing is glued on. They’ll be able to swing open.



More From BaronVonJello

I also made the pedal, though this was only 3 parts. The base, the pedal, and a little bottom part to the pedal. Most of the real life parts mentioned above will be used for the pedal, so I didn’t need to build that much in 3D. There will be a lot more progress pics once everything is in. I’ll post the full process from priming and sanding to finishing touches.



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