Radio Controlled Ghostbusters Available Now

At last years New York Toy Fair we wrote about World Tech Toys. An electronic toy company known for licensing popular characters and basically adding a radio controlled helicopter element. It wasn’t clear in February how World Tech Toys could make sense of making Ghostbusters action figures fly. We also still don’t know if they completely created new action figures for this feat. Less then a year later three of the four Ghostbusters, Slimer, and Stay-Puft are ready for take off.

Hobby retailer Hobby Tron has posted pictures of the individual items, which are all available for sale now. Let’s take a closer look.


The basic figures still seem to have a Matty Collector look, which makes sense. Naturally their are going to be differences. With Peter’s face and hair, you can recognize Bill Murray’s look. The uniform is different in terms of possible buttons and maybe name tag. They even use Bill/Peter’s untucked look with the flight suit.

In order for these Ghostbusters figures to fly, their proton packs have been modified for “flight mode.” As Ghostbusters Inc, Sony, and World Tech Toys know how to market our brand well, the “helicopter” blades carry our respective branding. Which also carries over to the remote control with a “no ghost” logo.


For Ray, World Tech Toys uses a Ray look from Ghostbusters II, wearing a Slime Blower. Which has been modified for “flight mode.” Seems Peter’s legs were reused for this sculpt. May or may not have been an oversight once you see Egon.


Egon has the “correct” tucked in boots, which also would apply to the real Dr. Stantz and Winston. His glasses seem more like sunglasses, (sorta Ghostbusters II) for some reason the figure doesn’t have gloves. We have no idea why.


Finally early in 2015 we have a RC Slimer. Slimer, which by definition is the only kind of physical mass that would be able to fly seems to be able to do so by “floating.” No additional equipment appears to be needed. Which does make sense if you’re like us and want to make sense of flying Ghostbusters figures.

The sculpt does seem fun and we could see (also from experience) Slimer sticking out its tongue while flying around the stratosphere. The real Slimer might be able to fly that high, we don’t recommend you push a RC Slimer towards outer space.

Also, that GB Inc. health insurance has really worked out for an onion headed spud who likes to eat a lot and quickly.



Once it just popped out of a factory mold World Tech Toys radio controlled Stay-Puft was ready to fly. That’s what Ghostbusters need, flying marshmallows. To further make sense of why Ghostbusters and their ghosts fly looking at this picture I imagined that Stay-Puft for some reason was thought of as a flying marshmallow man. If he can fly and Slimer can fly higher the Ghostbusters needed a way to fly too, w/o having to use ECTO-2. (Ecto-Containment)

One of the details I noticed right away is how Stay-Puft is looking up. Why wouldn’t he? Probably wondering how a then 30 year old marshmallow mascot “grew” helicopter blades from his head. This may or may not be the same for the Ghostbusters RC figures. With the joints seems like Stay-Puft has some movement. Especially with the legs I could see them “swinging” as Stay-Puft flies, then “parachutes” back to safety. Well as safe as a RC marshmallow figure could be.

One or all World Tech Toys Radio Controlled Ghostbusters figures (including Stay Puft) can be bought right now through Hobby Tron. Each of these figures retail through Hobby Tron for $39.95 USD. Hopefully for ghostheads and hobby enthusiasts these RC Ghostbusters can be bought in store from hobby retailers.

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