Ghostbusters Japanese Hobbies


Last week while checking eBay for Ghostbusters merchandise I came across Hobby Japan #1 from 1985. I think most ghostheads know after GHOSTBUSTERS,™ prior to The Real Ghostbusters their weren’t many Ghostbusters collectibles, at least in the United States. We (well we as a fan base, not personally because I was 7) had two Japanese Ghostbusters monsters models to choose (no pun intended) from. Either a Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man or a Terror Dog. Made to put together from Japanese company Tsukuda Hobby Japan.

What you probably didn’t know is early Ghostbusters models also included Gozer and get this all four Ghostbusters!

Basically once I saw that I gave serious consideration to placing a bid. My original intent was to scan these pages for digital preservation. If I could have placed a bid to win yesterday, I would have done this. Unfortunately before I could try to win, it was beyond what I wanted to pay. Maybe someday.

Of course if you have Hobby Japan #1 and would like to share it with the community, please get in touch. We’d be happy to host the file. In the meantime I wanted to show the Ghostbusters related pages the seller used.

hobbyjapangodgbs hobbyjapantabcons

hobbyjapangbs  hobbyjapangbsegon

hobbyjapanmarshmallowmen hobbyjapanterrordogozer

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