Tsukuda Japanese Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man


After looking at and writing about Hobby Japan magazine which featured Tsukuda’s Ghostbusters produced and prototyped (I think) models I went on an internet rampage (not so subtle reference) trying to find another copy of Issue 1 from 1985. When the results were less than successful I began looking at the known Tsukuda Ghostbusters models. Tsukuda’s Terror Dog and Stay-Puft have been written about by others. It felt like the right time to talk about and show Tsukuda’s GHOSTBUSTERS™ models again.

Handy Disclaimer

I don’t personally own either of these Tsukuda models. The photos I’m using were chosen because they were available to use and in my opinion were the best representation of the completed models. Certainly no ownership is implied. All sources will be credited.



tsukudastaypuftandbox tsukudastaypuftandbox2

Unpainted Stay-Puft Model

tsukudastaypuft2 tsukudastaypuft tsukudastaypuft5 tsukudastaypuft3

tsukudastaypuft4 tsukudastaypuft6 tsukudastaypuft7 tsukudastaypuft8


Completed Stay-Puft Model


Photo Sources

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