My Ghostbusters Japanese Merchandise

A little about why I like Japan, GB Inc. Ghostbusters Japanese merchandise, and the final ’80s Ghostbusters Japanese merchandise I own for now.


If you’re a ghosthead and read the comments in my blog post about Universal considering bringing back (GB Inc.) the Ghostbusters Spooktacular this year you would have learned for the first time about my fascination with Japan.

If you’re Japanese or from Japan I mean no disrespect. Yeah, I’m an American. I grew up in a suburb of a small New Jersey city, (compared to nearby cities, such as New York City) which has its own rich history. Something maybe I’ll talk about eventually. Nothing like a country or city on another continent.

I learned a lot in school about US and world history, their never could be enough time to study more of a countries history and culture. Its something I really couldn’t appreciate until after graduating.

This is where no disrespect is intended from an American with Italian, Irish, German, and maybe French (still haven’t proven it) heritage. From a…

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Funko Vinyl Idolz Peter Venkman


Funko, a slightly smaller evil corporation and Vinyl Sugar, (Twitter) a large evil corporation got together to come up with Vinyl Idolz. What is a Vinyl Idolz? Are one of their employees from JerZey? 😀

From Vinyl Sugar

Vinyl Sugar is the illegitimate love child between Funko and some of the best free-wheeling designers from the back streets of London, the boutiques of Harajuku, and the galleries in NYC. Vinyl Sugar – because you crave it!

With the first teaser image Vinyl Sugar shows us a doc, a dude, and a buster. Specifically Dr. Venkman. All 3(D) figures appear to have a caricature type look. Which certainly works well for Dr. Venkman.

We don’t know when they’ll be available for retail. They should be on display at next month’s New York Toy Fair.

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Ghostbusters Japanese Movie Program Merchandise


Yesterday I wrote about and shared our Ghostbusters Japanese Movie Program. If you were wondering I don’t have a Ghostbusters II Japanese program to archive and share. Today I wanted to discuss (well talk about) that internationally Ghostbusters merchandise and collecting was ahead of its time (or got the ball rolling…wait, was their a Ghostbusters ball?) compared to GHOSTBUSTERS™ merchandise in the North American markets. Continue reading “Ghostbusters Japanese Movie Program Merchandise”