Ghostbusters On Display In Indianapolis


The Indianapolis Children’s Museum is preparing to display a screen used (hero) Ghostbusters Proton Pack worn by Bill Murray. Along with a Ghostbusters II screen used Belt Gizmo. We’re not sure if it was worn by Bill Murray. Why would the Indianapolis Children’s Museum display Ghostbusters and more? Its part of there “You’re on the Set!” exhibit.

More from ICM:

Jan. 31-July 26, 2015

Go behind the scenes of some of the most popular films and TV shows of all time! Play a part in comedies, dramas, and sci-fi/adventure films and TV shows like Annie, Happy Days, Hook, Ghostbusters, Men In Black, Spider-Man and more! Authentic costumes and props, opportunities for role-play, and hands-on experiences illustrate how the famous films and shows are made and invite families to become part of the cast and crew.

For more information check out the Inside Hollywood section of Indianapolis Children’s Museum website.

Photo Source: Instagram


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