New Tobin’s Spirit Guide In Italian


Italian ghosthead Joe Nonostante spent a year (what were you doing?) by not only translating Tobin’s Spirit Guide to Italian, (that has to be easy right?) adding pretty much every ghost from The Real Ghostbusters, Extreme Ghostbusters, with additional entries from Ghostbusters: The Video Game. Making this the largest and most complete Tobin’s Spirit Guide to date at 496 pages.

Ghostbusters Italy, tell us more. Translation* to follow after the original Italian.

Ghostbusters Italia ha il piacere di segnalare che finalmente dopo più di un anno di lavoro del grande Joe Nonostante è stato completato il progetto dei fan GB!
La guida degli acchiappafantasmi…
La Tobin, guida agli spiriti in versione italiana!


Oltre 250 entità Catalogate. Oltre 50 figure rilevanti dell’ambiente del paranormale.
Oltre 50 luoghi infestati da tutto il mondo GB.
Oltre 70 artefatti descritti.

Sono disponibili le prime copie, per maggiori informazioni potete contattare scrivendo a tobinspiritsguide @

*Translation by Google

Ghostbusters Italy is pleased to report that finally after more than a year of work by the great Joe Although the project has been completed of the fan GB !

The guide of Ghostbusters …
The Tobin , guide the spirits in Italian !

496 PAGES :

Over 250 entities Categorise . More than 50 prominent figures of the environment of the paranormal .
Over 50 haunted places around the world GB .
More than 70 artifacts described .

The first copies are available , for more information please contact by writing to tobinspiritsguide @


**Febuary 3, 2015 Update**


Their’s been enough interest for Joe Nonostante (or someone with GB Italia) to translate their 2015 TSG to English. Should we hear more about it, we’ll write a new blog post.

Photos Source: Ghostbusters Italia (Facebook)


5 thoughts on “New Tobin’s Spirit Guide In Italian

    1. Yes, I would too as I’m sure many global ghostheads would. I said something similar on Facebook. Sony’s consumer division should take notice of Joe Nonostante’s efforts in putting together a TSG.

      Although he put a lot of original work in it, IF Sony were to ever publish something like this, they’d probably do their own layout, art, etc. We know Ghostbusters is their property and they don’t have to pay Joe for anything, I did suggest it as the groundwork is already there.

      Originally a surprise we are getting that “ultimate visual guide.” Its possible an official book could eventually happen. Maybe hopefully as part new Ghostbusters merchandise in the next year or so.

      1. Yeah, with the new movie coming out hopefully it will kick start some sweet merchandise.

        The visual guide I’m not so sure about. I’ve seen similar types of books with pull out cards and stickers etc. I want something a little more meaty than 160 pages. Especially if the price tag is going be $45.

  1. True, hopefully more merchandise based on the franchise as we’ve known it, not just for example the new movie Ghostbusters figures, vehicles, (unless its a ’59 Caddy 😉 and related merchandise.

    I get what you’re saying about the visual guide. Safe bet to think what will be included can be found on sites like here, Spook Central, etc. If you were to justify a purchase, Sony could have made this book already (DK Publishing has done that kind of thing with Marvel, etc) in 10 years or so, possibly costing fans more in the long run.

    Each fan can decide for themselves, for me its Ghostbusters, as a life long fan I’d be surprised if we ever get a book like this again.

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