New York Toy Fair: Diamond Select Toys Ghostbusters Bottle Openers & Pizza Cutter

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Ilde Hands’ (Flickr) has shared photos of Diamond Select Toys upcoming Ghostbusters ‘kitchenware.’ Previously DST had released a silicone Slimer Jello or cake mold and a “no ghost” logo silicone ice tray.

When you’re reaching for a cold one (its Coca~Cola time!) need a bottle opener, and can’t find that kinda plain one, why not use one or all (Important Safety Tip: Not at the same time) of these Ghostbuster bottle openers!

Without seeing the backs, I’m guessing the “no ghost” and Stay-Puft bottle openers have a “grab and lift” motion on the backside. While the Slimer bottle opener (pretty much like Slimer) devours bottle caps from the front, its mouth. 😀


Diamond Select Toys also showed off its upcoming Ghostbusters Slimer Pizza Cutter. Which surprisingly really is a first for Ghostbusters. Food and Ghostbusters have gone hand in hand since the beginning. This is the first time really anyone’s seen a Slimer shaped pizza cutter. And a safe bet, a green pizza cutter. Hopefully their is more of a handle, unless that’s study or flexible, (again w/o seeing the back) the design doesn’t seem like it would cut pizza very well. I give DST the benefit of the doubt. 🙂

Slimer Pizza cutter will be released during Q3 for $14.99 USD. Ghostbusters bottle openers are expected next year, hopefully just in time for warm weather. They’ll retail for $18.00 USD respectively.

Photos Source: Paul Nomad aka Ilde Hands’ (Flickr)


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