New York Toy Fair: Factory Entertainment Ghostbusters Jewelry & Blankets

factentdisplaynytf factentnoghostringnytf took and shared photos of some of Factory Entertainment‘s New York Toy Fair upcoming Ghostbusters merchandise. For the first time maybe since most of us were kids, if that Factory Entertainment will be producing three Ghostbusters rings. Along with two different Ghostbusters blankets. Can’t always work in a warm climate.

factoryentgbringsnytf factoryentgbringsnytf2

Both rings are prototypes. Do they remind anyone else of the rings, although better quality of what we might have gotten (if we weren’t ripped off) from those store gum ball machines?

The “no ghost” ring is an infamous classic. People won’t bar your way when you’re wearing a Terror Dog ring! I like, if I’m not mistaken how Factory Entertainment made the band the ‘body’ of a Terror Dog.

factentgbsblanknytf factentgbsblanknytf2

Wow, someone at Factory Entertainment decided to make a bold statement using one of Dr. Venkman’s famous quotes, quadrupling the font size, and making it a ice blue color? It isn’t about me, I would have used all 4 Ghostbusters, not just enhancing the original poster art.

The second blanket on display features our business associate’s infamous (uh thanks to my employer) mascot, The Stay-Pift Marshmallow Man. The blanket is either jumbo sized or as part of the print overall, the design is of one of Stay-Puft Corporation’s Stay-Puft bags. If Factory Entertainment is or will be doing another blanket, the Ghostbusters Firehouse would be a cool design, where the business began, not their business site.


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