New York Toy Fair: Titan Merchandise Ghostbusters Vinyl Mini Figures


Last November we talked about Titan Merchandise and their basically promotional art for what their upcoming Ghostbusters “mini” vinyl figures would look like. I had never seen an actual Titan Merchandise vinyl figure, I wasn’t quite sure what to expect. Which wouldn’t have mattered anyway as expectations are more then met!

Not only are their 4 Ghostbusters, yes all four as it should be, (hear that Vinyl Sugar and DST? :p) plenty of human figures Ghostbusters licensees didn’t always make, like Janine Melnitz!


If anyone from Titan Merchandise is reading this blog post, they’ll take this as a compliment. These figures remind me of a toy style (just not as detailed or this cool) we had during the ’80s.


A better photo of Janine by ECTO-1. We’re guessing a mini vinyl ECTO-1 is more for display as (not to sound snooty) its certainly not to scale. Vinz doesn’t seem too happy to be wearing a kitchen colander, who would?


A profile shot of Janine, a little better look at The Gatekeeper, and oh look its Slimer with a fairly large hand?


A better look at Dana as Zuul. Her ’80s hair, very Greek mythology. This photo also shows a closer look at Slimer and shows off a “he slimed me” Venkman. Not that it should, it could eventually apply to other Titan Merchandise Ghostbusters.

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