New York Toy Fair: Diamond Select Toys Ghostbusters Vs Ghosts


When we originally wrote about DST Ghosts In Glowing Slime we did notice the small figures practically beside it. It did remind us of something familiar from childhood. Can’t blame us (or you can) for not realizing a toy company would basically make Ghostbusters army men.

As NYC Ghostbusters were at New York Toy Fair, they took great photos of these products.


Photos Sources: NYC Ghostbusters


6 thoughts on “New York Toy Fair: Diamond Select Toys Ghostbusters Vs Ghosts

    1. Thanks Slade for the update. I figured after 2 years certain products shown at cons that hadn’t been released had been cancelled.

      The licensees have good ideas, at the same time for cons they need new items to show/display as well. As well as these new products also need to be profitable for the licensees.

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