New York Toy Fair: More About Ghostbusters Select Figures


The New York City Ghostbusters were also at New York Toy Fair. Where they took more new Ghostbusters merchandise photos. And as we and Ecto-Containment have done in recent years, written multi-part blog posts about the products.

When we didn’t know about that, we reached out through Twitter to ask Diamond Select Toys for additional information about whether their will be an Egon and Peter Ghostbusters Select.


Hopefully we’ll still hear from them for the officialness. In the meantime thanks to NYC Ghostbusters, they asked and in Part 1 of their coverage wrote:

We were told there would be 12 figures in the line, all from the first film and that each figure would come with a diorama piece to build a diorama from the film!

It’s a safe bet to say DST (whose been known for “set pieces” with their figures) will be building (literally and figuratively) to a Shandor roof top temple battle.

Time will tell about which additional figures we’ll actually get. Here’s my early speculation:


  1. Ray Stantz (Confirmed)
  2. Winston Zeddemore (Confirmed)
  3. Peter Venkman
  4. Egon Spengler
  5. Janine Melnitz
  6. Dana Barrett (probably as Gatekeeper)
  7. Louis Tully (probably as Vinz/Keymaster)
  8. Walter Peck


  1. Slimer
  2. Gozer
  3. Terror Dog (could be interchangeable horns?)
  4. Stay-Puft

Sound right to you, have a different line up in mind? Let us know the Ghostbusters Select Figures you’d like to see.

*edit* February 17, 2015

Toy News International spoke with Diamond Select Toys Zach Oats about Ghostbusters Select figures around the 4:45 mark in the video below.

Photo Source: New York City Ghostbusters


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