New York Toy Fair: Cryptozoic Entertainment Merch


Ghostbusters licensee newcomer Cryptozoic Entertainment was at this year’s New York Toy Fair to not only promote the very successful campaign (Kickstarter) for Ghostbusters The Board Game, their additional Ghostbusters products.

Let’s check them out!


The previously announced and written about Ghostbusters Trading Cards. Five cards per pack, 24 to a box. Their will be random autograph and sketch cards included. These trading cards will be availeable in July 2015 at $4 USD per pack.


Cool, cardboard Ghostbusters figures! j/k. These are prototypes to give us all an idea of what Cryptozoic Entertainment’s Ghostbusters Blind Box figures will look like. Additional info:

  • Exclusive trading card.
  • Sketch Cards (1 per case)


Bakers at the Stay-Puft Corp have been wearing aprons for decades, just not like this. For the more casual baker you’ll want this upcoming Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man apron with accompanying beret chef hat. Bonus: Can double as a Stay-Puft costume hat.


It’d be pretty boring if you’re wearing a sweet Stay-Puft apron and you’re making the same cookies your great grandma made, well unless you’re Italian. When you dress for baking success, make it count. By making Ghostbusters cookies with these 4 Ghostbusters cookie cutters.

The set will include:

  • “No Ghost” logo.
  • ECTO-1.
  • Slimer.
  • Of course, Stay-Puft.

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