New Tobin’s Spirit Guide Translated To English Is Coming


In January we wrote about how Joe Nonostante, an Italian ghosthead had created an unofficial, yet extensive fan made Tobin’s Spirit Guide. (GB Inc. Blog Post, January 26, 2015) During the first week of February we updated that blog post with news that Joe’s Tobin’s Spirit Guide could be translated into English.

Joe Nonostante contacted Ghostbusters Incorporated with the following new information.

What would you do if you had to look for the name Zuul in the usual literature? Exactly, you’d need the Tobin Spirit Guide! People of our dimension, for the first time you’ll be able to purchase the one book that contains in 500 pages all you’ve always wanted to know (and a lot of thing you’ve NEVER wanted to know) on the Ghostbusters’ universe. The Italian version is already available (since January 2015) and the English version is about to be completed, after the last steps of the layout of over 190 original illustrations will be finished. The English version of the Tobin Spirit Guide will be released in January 2016, but the authors are very busy trying to bring forward this date! For more information tobinspiritsguide @

italiantoenglishtspgcontents italiantoenglishtspgpages

In January 2016 (or possibly sooner) this unofficial, detailed TSG could be coming to your HQ.

Photos Source: Joe Nonostante (Facebook)


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