Ghostbusters Pumpkin Patterns

Last October, only slightly earlier then this year I wrote about Ghostbusters pumpkin patterns. (GB Inc. Blog Post, October 21, 2014) While you can still download any or all 4 Ghostbusters, Slimer, Stay-Puft, and a Terror Dog from Zombie Pumpkins, this year brings us familiar new pumpkin patterns from Pumpkin Pile.

This is the first year I’ve heard of Pumpkin Pile. Apparently they’ve been making art out of pumpkins since I was 7 years old. Friend and Ghostbusters NJ member Jody sent me their GB Patterns last month. For more then Ghostbusters pattens check out their site for other pop culture and favorite art to use in your pumpkin carving endeavors.

Ghostbusters Pumpkin-To-Jack-O-Lantern Pattens (PDFs)

  1. No Ghost Logo.
  2. Slimer with shadow.
  3. Slimer with Ghostbusters.
  4. Stay-Puft.
  5. Vigo.



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