Ghostbusters International Returning


Early last year I parted ways with our previous hosting company. One of the cons to that was losing our domain name (GBI Blog Post, February 4, 2015) of 10 years. GBI was manually rebuilt from the ground up. Without the domain, I felt a name change was in order to help scale back the full time job feel.

It worked well enough throughout 2015. It didn’t take that long when necessary to get back into some of the realism. It also helps that Word Press infrastructure connects to my network of sites pretty well.

I’ve enjoyed running “Ghostbusters Inc,” sorta missed Ghostbusters International. The two can go together. Their were times I wanted the site to be more GBI then GB Inc.

With a mini series from IDW coming in the next month called Ghostbusters International and 2016 being the year of the first new Ghostbusters movie since June 16, 1989 now was the time.

I spent the last few days working on a new layout. While the entire site isn’t up-to-date I’m happy with what I accomplished during the last week of December 2015.

What’s New

  • Design & Layout.
  • New & Updated Graphics.
  • Updated Documents.
  • Updated Photo pages layouts. Includes new photos not previously uploaded.
  • New Firehouse page written by Dr. Venkman. “I’m always serious.”

What’s To Come

  • Update Franchise Locations. We’ve “liked” new and updated franchises on our Facebook page over the year.
  • Update our social media to reflect a little more the new brand.
  • Update Links.
  • A new domain name?

Its always a possibility. I found one I like. If I register one it could be tried for at least a year.

Thank you to everyone whose visited, supported, and enjoyed the company‘s international site. Here’s to a new year of franchising and being a ghosthead. Thanks again. 🙂

Photo Source: Possibly GBI’s Security Systems.


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