Ghostbusters Theme Park Attractions


In November 2014 we posted a speculative post about a survey from Universal if their was enough interest in bringing back the (or rather a) Ghostbusters theme park attraction. While that hasn’t materialized (perhaps again someday) in America, their were major developments in both Mexico and Dubai.


At Six Flags Mexico Sudden Impact Entertainment is the company that’s behind Ghostbusters Haunted House: A Laser Adventure. Ghostheads are briefed by “Ghostbusters.” Ghostheads can then use a laser gun version of our Proton Packs to explore characters and places from Ghostbusters.


Meanwhile in Dubai a brand new theme park has been in development. One area of Dubai’s park will have major space for both Ghostbusters and a NYC where ghosts exist. Just like in real life!

“Sign up to be the newest Ghostbusters recruit and save New York City, as you face the powerful Gozer in a high stakes rooftop battle.”

It does indeed give us “shrills and thrills!”

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