Franchise Locations Update


In the last year we’ve occasionally updated our Location section. We’ve liked more franchisees Twitter and Facebook accounts then fully add or edit links on site. Until this week.

This week we checked every franchise link from America to Antarctica. Yeah, we have a research station there too. With the exception of 5 franchises in the US (two still unaccounted for) franchises have either been added or existing links updated.

If your franchise is listed and the information is somehow incorrect, let us know. If your franchise isn’t listed, let us know too, we’ll look into it, and it should be corrected.


Believe it or not some states (and plenty of countries) don’t even have one franchise. Maybe not even a field agent. If you live in the following states and are looking to start a Ghostbusters franchise here’s your opportunity!

  • Alaska
  • Idaho
  • North Dakota
  • Rhode Island

If you live outside North America we’re always hiring.

Check out our Franchising section for more details.

Photo Source: A Ghostbusters International Satellite


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