Kickstarter Launches For Cleanin’ Up The Town Documentary


Anthony and Claire Bueno have been working on the first Ghostbusters documentary, Cleanin’ Up The Town during the last 8 years! In a year where Ghostbusters (2016) will be premiering in theaters globally Bueno Productions is nearing completion on a long awaited Ghostbusters documentary!

In a way to give “Cleanin'” a well deserved release and to retain ownership they’ve launched a Kickstarter that as of this post has 129 backers and has raised $17,669 USD.

Eight years ago brother and sister team Anthony and Claire Bueno commenced production on the retrospective documentary CLEANIN’ UP THE TOWN: Remembering Ghostbusters. Their intention to tell the definitive story of how these much loved films were made, the visual effect techniques used and to clear up any mystery of how these films came to fruition.

Having gathered OVER 70 INTERVIEWS (full list on IMDb) including actors Dan AykroydHarold RamisErnie Hudson and Sigourney Weaver. Director Ivan Reitman, producers Joe Medjuck and Michael C. Gross, visual effects crew Richard EdlundJohn Bruno, Dennis MurenSteve JohnsonRandall William CookHowie Weed and Ned GormanRay Parker Jr.Randy Edelman and editor Sheldon Kahn, the magnitude of the project has grown proving too much for only two people to make.


We feel, to enable us to complete the feature length documentaries about both Ghostbustersand Ghostbusters II; do justice to the people who have graciously given their time, shared their skills and stories and to deliver to the fans the kind of original, detailed documentary that they not only have longed for but honours the loyalty they deserve; we really do need to take one more trip to the US to complete filming and enlist additional team members “with the tools and the talent” that we simply don’t have to make this a truly polished documentary that audiences will love.

The financial goal of Bueno Productions is to raise a total of $58,340. “Only another $40,671 to go.” 😉 We’re really fortunate we’ll have two Ghostbusters documentary in the coming year.




2 thoughts on “Kickstarter Launches For Cleanin’ Up The Town Documentary

  1. yes this ambitious project has some neat packages some including bragging rights including producers rights t-shirts and advanced copies prior to release in October fall 2016 other minor packages included honourable mentions in the end credits and couple of others thrown in nearly over hundreds of fans including myself already joined the project and with a chance to have our names legendary in the end credits but there’s mixed feelings about this project via other fans saying it’s way to pricey to support to say it’s all in English sovereign currency but a bit more in American conversion rates so far the project has raised over £16,272 of their £40.000 target so far with only 28 days to go and reach their milestone target of £50.000 other successes including fan funded docs including back to the future and fright night already released so this one will hopefully be next successful project the closing date is Monday march the 7th in order to be a success even if they only make £40.000 to make it happen. franikie smales – See more at:

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