50 Fifty Ghostbusters Merchandise

GHB Air Freshener

As mentioned in our previous post 50 Fifty has additional Ghostbusters products listed on their site. Safe assumption these will be up and coming during 2016. Price and release dates aren’t listed.

 I haven’t seen most of these collectible products before. Again I’m not sure if they’ll be in all markets globally. Either way, let’s check them out. Continue reading “50 Fifty Ghostbusters Merchandise”


50 Fifty Upcoming Slimer Desk Lamp


Ghostbusters News shared a few photos of an upcoming Slimer Desk Lamp. We really needed another constant reminder of that vapor roaming green ghost.

Jason’s post admittedly was the first I’ve heard of this item. A quick image search brought up Ikon Collectibles, a wholesale company in Australia and New Zealand. Continue reading “50 Fifty Upcoming Slimer Desk Lamp”

Diamond Select Toys Announces Ghostbusters 2016 Merchandise


Zach aka DSTZach from Diamond Select Toys announced on the company’s Art Asylum site that Diamond Select Toys/Art Asylum will be producing Ghostbusters 2016 merchandise.

What Ghostbusters (2016) products can ghostheads collect?

  • Minimates
  • Vehicles
  • Vinyl Banks
  • Kitchenware
  • Glassware

Zach’s blog post also includes a press release and company information.

Photo Source: Sony Pictures

Cinemark Knows What To Wear This Summer


Years before I chose to lose income working for Ghostbusters International (earlier in the 21 Century) I worked for more then one movie theater chain. While I can’t confirm either chain didn’t have movie t-shirts for walking human billboards up to my employment, we occasionally promoted movies and snack brands by wearing buttons.

Going into 15 years later Cinemark employees won’t need a button or a candy brand to promote Ghostbusters (2016). Continue reading “Cinemark Knows What To Wear This Summer”