50 Fifty Ghostbusters Merchandise

GHB Air Freshener

As mentioned in our previous post 50 Fifty has additional Ghostbusters products listed on their site. Safe assumption these will be up and coming during 2016. Price and release dates aren’t listed.

 I haven’t seen most of these collectible products before. Again I’m not sure if they’ll be in all markets globally. Either way, let’s check them out.

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Ghostbusters™ Hip Flask

Busting ghosts can be a nerve wracking profession. When danger appears out of nowhere then make sure you can calm your nerves with a few sips of dutch courage. Featuring the classic Ghostbusters logo on its face, this vessel will make sure that you won’t be fazed by anything out of the ordinary.


Ghostbusters™ Sounds In A Can

Containing six different samples from the blockbuster film all squashed into one hand held can, simply press the button on the top and listen to your best loved film phrases fill the air. Sounds like a job for the Ghostbusters.


Ghostbusters™ Heat Change Mug

As any good Ghostbuster knows, ghouls can be hidden anywhere and it’s usually the place you least expect. When you see this particular ghost appear please try not to be scared, it’s just come out to join you for a well earned cup of your favourite hot drink. Pour boiling water into the mug and witness the iconic Ghostbuster logo appear as if by magic, only returning to its darkened state once you’ve finished your brew. You know who to call next time the kettle gets filled.


Ghostbusters™ Bottle Opener

Busting Ghosts is a tough job with long hours, so make sure that you unwind afterwards by enjoying a nice cold beverage. This metal bottle opener features the logo of the famous ghoulish crime fighters and will be on hand if you get caught without a way to flip the lids from your chosen drink. Just make sure you don’t drink too many; one ghost is bad enough without seeing double!


Ghostbusters™ Ectoplasm Glowing Slime

Part of being a Ghostbuster is getting your hands dirty when the going gets tough. Tap this lump of glowing gooey ectoplasm to activate its glowing and flashing electronic features and you’ll agree that the ghost with the most is the one they call Slimer. Grab the gunk and hold it, mould it, shape it or squeeze it and watch in wonder as the gloop gleams. Just be sure to be on the lookout for a green radioactive ghost who may come calling when he sees your hands on his property!

GHB Air Freshener

Ghostbusters™ Air Freshener

If there’s something weird going on in the neighbourhood then don’t let the local ghouls kick up too much of a stink. When it’s time to do battle with those pesky paranormal poltergeist simply attach this air freshener to a convenient spot and you’re sure to come up smelling of roses.


Ghostbusters™ Mr Stay Puft Stress Ball

As fans of the iconic film will testify, you need to be careful of what pops into your head when dealing with ghosts. One wrong thought and they might just appear before your very eyes, and they might be bigger than you imagined. This Mr Stay Puft stressball however is small enough to get to grips with and will relieve the stresses involved in trying to battle ghosts on a daily basis, which is a much easier task to handle.


Ghostbusters™ 3D Mr Stay Puft Mug

This 3D mug is truly phantom-tastic, giving you more than enough space for your chosen hot drink inside the giant head of Mr Stay Puft. When it comes to containing your brew this ghost has only got one thing on his mind, and its not marshmallows!


Putty In My Pocket Ghostbusters™
When it’s time for some ghoulish games then who you gonna call? This Ghostbusters set includes the props needed to make both Mr Stay Puft and Slimer come to life and prove that there is something strange in the neighbourhood…

Sources: 50 Fifty


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