Cinemark Knows What To Wear This Summer


Years before I chose to lose income working for Ghostbusters International (earlier in the 21 Century) I worked for more then one movie theater chain. While I can’t confirm either chain didn’t have movie t-shirts for walking human billboards up to my employment, we occasionally promoted movies and snack brands by wearing buttons.

Going into 15 years later Cinemark employees won’t need a button or a candy brand to promote Ghostbusters (2016).


Ghostbusters HQ tweeted (Twitter) the above photo showing a familiar look. A black t-shirt with a large Ghostbusters title logo, tag line, (without a question mark) and “Summer.” Distress this shirt and its almost something from Summer…1984.

Although Cinemark was mentioned for these shirts, it wouldn’t surprise me if additional chains have these shirts for employees to wear as well.

Photo Source: Ghostbusters HQ (Twitter)


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