Cryptozoic Entertainment Ghostbusters Kitchenware


In the last year Cryptozoic Entertainment displayed various Ghostbusters products at conventions. Which we may possibly see again at Toy Fair NY next week. Until then Cryptozoic Entertainment has unveiled a few photos of their upcoming Ghostbusters kitchenware!

We once had a bedroom almost completely decorated in a (real) Ghostbusters theme. Now we’ll be able to do something along those lines in our kitchens or terror dog houses. 😀


When you want your baked goods and meals cooked to the minute, naturally a Slimer kitchen timer. We suggest adding an extra 5, otherwise the real Slimer will eat your food before you finish enjoying the aroma.


While you’re waiting for your meal to cook you may want a head start on clean up. Sure, you could use any sponge, none of them are shaped like Slimer. And those other sponges won’t make you think of any time Slimer was in a bath tub during The Real Ghostbusters.


If you were to take our suggestion about giving the Slimer kitchen timer an extra 5, you’ll need to remove your hot food from the oven. When you’re in your Ghostbusters themed kitchen, use one or more of a Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man oven mitt.

Ghostbusters kitchenware should be available at retailers in September 2016.

Photos Source: Cryptozoic Entertainment


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