NYTF 16: Cryptozoic Entertainment


This weekend is Toy Fair New York. Or as most have called, including us New York Toy Fair.  Quite of a few of our licensees are exhibiting our mutually beneficial wares. Our Ghostbusters franchise members have been in attendance to provide announcements and photos. Most have been taken by NYC Ghostbusters.

Handy Disclaimer: We’ll be covering NYTF 2016 Ghostbusters merchandise with individual blog posts.


In 1984 during our blockbuster action, comedy, and ghost busting movie, Ghostbusters we had an official fan club. (Ghostbusters International Blog Post, June 8, 2014) And their was our “Be a Ghostbuster” cereal premium. (Ghostbusters International Blog Post, October 20, 2014)

Then in the early 2000s we put Ghostbusters International on-line and encourage ghostheads globally to build web sites and share their Ghostbusters stuff with us.

Now during a new Ghostbusters milestone year any ghosthead can join the fan club with the official collector kit. With a little of everything to get a ghosthead started on collecting and becoming a Ghostbuster.

We’ve seen the art for the upcoming Stay-Puft chef hat and apron. Now we get our first look at the product. Also upcoming (art work) is a Venkman Ghostbusters uniform apron and a Slimer eating (naturally) apron.

I probably wrote about the cookie cutters at Ecto-Containment last year about this time. I recently wrote (Ghostbusters International Blog Post, February 12, 2016) about the Stay-Puft oven mitt, Slimer sponge, and Slimer timer. Also on display is a Slimer soap…on a rope. Hopefully it’ll have a pleasant ectoplasmic scent.

When I think of scratching a back (or my own) Ghostbusters never entered my mind until today. They do seem fun, almost fork like with their colors and designs. Slime and “proton streams” With a The Real Ghostbusters and Ghostbusters II vibe.

Looking at lava lamps over the years gobs of slimes have been thoughts. Its probably about time we capitalize and have a Ghostbusters lava lamp.


In the photo with the Slimer lava lamp (and included with the fan club) are photos of Ghostbusters trading cards. (Ghostbusters International Blog Post, February 13, 2015)

Concept art, micro figures (Ghostbusters International Blog Post, (February 12, 2016) on display, and packaging for micro figures.



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