NYTF 16: Diamond Select Toys


Last weekend was Toy Fair New York. Or as most have called, including us New York Toy Fair.  Quite of a few of our licensees are exhibiting our mutually beneficial wares. Our Ghostbusters franchise members have been in attendance to provide announcements and photos.

Handy Disclaimer: We’ll be covering NYTF 2016 Ghostbusters merchandise with individual blog posts.

Diamond Select Toys showed a selection (no pun intended) of Ghostbusters Selects. Along with what appears to be the complete rooftop temple diorama. If (or when) ghostheads complete their collection, the accessories complete the diorama. You know before a collectible Stay-Puft arrives. We’re only re-sharing a few of the photos taken by Toy Ark.

Depending on your age you may remember licensed character glassware. Which may have been part of a food promotion, (for a price) maybe from a gas staton, mail away, or easy as buying in store. Their was a time depending on geographic location their were Ghostbusters character glassware. Same for Ghostbusters II.

DST knows their audience (and if you’ve seen or have their BTTF glasses) and will be coming out with 4 different Ghostbusters glasses. With art that reflects the characters. These glasses also include other iconic characters and themes from Ghostbusters.

We originally forgot DST’s Vinimates. Which seem to be maybe larger versions of some previous Ghostbusters Minimates. I don’t know how many Ghostbusters Vinimates, (wonder if just for Ghostbusters they wanted to call them Venkmates) are up and coming. Fans can expect at least the original Ghostbusters.


Previously seen at trade shows, DST Ghostbusters “no ghost” pizza cutter. We didn’t really have to include this. Its a Ghostbusters logo that can cut pizza. If that doesn’t bring a little happiness, it may be time to re-watch Ghostbusters.



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