Anovos Preparing To Save The World


I wrote over at Ecto-Containment (actually on Christmas Day) about Anovos Productions LLC getting into the quality, high end Ghostbusters merchandise business. We hadn’t seen any photos of what’s to come until March 1, 2016.

Via Anovos Facebook page, they posted the following:

Get ready to save the world: #Ghostbusters #ANOVOS


It makes sense to start small and offer my employers uniform name patches. Maybe with additional custom name patches. Ghostheads have been able to purchase “no ghost” logos and name patches for years. These will be officially licensed. If they’re priced right, it may be worth buying also from them.

Personally I will be interested in seeing their Ghostbusters uniforms. I’m hoping they can make a Belt Gizmo. Price aside for now I think many of us want to know more about high end prop replicas.



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