Ghostbusters 2016 In Movie Site


During yesterday’s on-line trailer premiere (Ghostbusters International Blog Post, March 3, 2016) a hidden web site address appeared as a scientific equation quite a few employees around here understand maybe too well.

A fan base aside for a moment, its easy to miss it if upon a few viewings. Its been three decades and we’re still finding things within both Ghostbusters movies. While checking out a nerd culture site they had a short video that’s a behind the scenes of Ghostbusters (2016). Talking new Ghostbusters science.

Before I had a chance to look into the video’s interwebs origins, Ghostbusters associate Paul Rudoff through Spook Central‘s Facebook page posted the site. Ghostheads everywhere could be on their periodic tables.


The url, (center top) brings ghostheads to the fictional Kenneth P. Higgins Institute of Science. Where some of the would-be Ghostbusters (2016) work before beginning a new business adventure.

In section 0.0, Latest Findings is where ghostheads can view a behind the scenes video (or videos going forward) from Ghostbusters (2016). The first and only video as of this morning is titled Busting Ghosts With Science.

Additional Sections:

  • Section 1.0: Conceptual art work of Ghostbusters (2016) equipment.
  • Section 2.0: Schematics, what we generally refer to as blueprints.
  • Section 3.0: About the Kenneth P. Higgins Institute of Science.


  1. Sony Pictures Entertainment
  2. Ghostbusters
  3. Ghost Corps (Facebook)
  4. Super Hero Hype
  5. Spook Central (Facebook)
  6. Kenneth P. Higgins Institute of Science

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