Funko Pop Ghostbusters 2016 Packaging

Funko who unveiled Ghostbusters (2016) Pops! at last month’s Toy Fair New York has shown the Ghostbusters (2016) Pops! and their packaging. Let’s take a closer look.

All five Ghostbusters (2016) are represented. We are currently calling “Kevin” (who I guess doesn’t really need a last name) a Ghostbuster (2016) as the figure is wearing a Ghostbusters (2016) uniform. Most of us at GBI don’t know how much actual ‘bustin he does.

Also seeing a Kevin movie pop makes many of us wish Funko would have made a Janine Melnitz pop.

What good are Ghostbusters (2016) Pops! if they don’t have ghost pops (that could be it own figure line) to bust?

Also seen at Toy Fair New York were ghosts which will also be seen in July’s Ghostbusters (2016). Rowan’s Ghost is a take on the well known “no ghost” logo and will probably play a larger role in the movie. Based on the trailer Gertrude Eldridge is probably the museum “library” ghost.



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