Ghost Corps Displays New Ghostbusters Figures


Ghost Corps via their Facebook page added the above photo showing both upcoming Ghostbusters and Ghostbusters (2016) figures, vehicles, and play sets. We believe most, if not all the figures, etc are from Mattel. The Ghostbusters (2016) figures were shown at this year’s New York Toy Fair.

We’ve updated our display cases with new merchandise! Check out Ivan on the official GhostbustersSnapchat right now for a more in depth look! #Ghostbusters

What’s really new is the bottom of the display. It appears Mattel is re-releasing their former Matty Collector Ghostbusters figures in all new “classic” packaging. Except for a certain marshmallow ghost. Which basically hasn’t been packaged that way since Kenner produced and sold a The Real Ghostbusters version 30 years ago.

According to Ghost Corps the classic figures come with parts to build a “no ghost” logo.

Source: Ghost Corps (Facebook)


4 thoughts on “Ghost Corps Displays New Ghostbusters Figures

  1. That’s similar to what I know Mattel has done with their WWE figures or Hasbro with their Marvel figures.

    I don’t know the price yet, haven’t seen a single product page for any of the “classic” Ghostbusters or Ghostbusters (2016) figures. As I’ve written about before I’m pretty sure (at least in the US) these toys are suppose to be in stores like Toys ‘R Us.

    With the Ghostbusters (2016) figures I’d imagine the market is suppose to be children. Hopefully under $10 USD. With the “classic” figures educated guess around $15 USD.

    Ghostheads will know at some point. I’d like to know myself. When I know more I can add additional information.

    *edit* I just found out pricing from retailers may be able to be shared soon. Per agreements, etc Sony isn’t allowing either all retailers or some retailers to release further information until sometime in May.

  2. To probably no one’s surprise both the Ghostbusters (2016) figures and Ghostbusters figures have ended up on eBay. Don’t pay $100s of USD.

    All the new figures and toys should be in US stores right now.

    Ghostbusters (2016) figures cost $19.99 USD each. Which I feel is on the high side. Is the marketing towards kids or collectors?

    I don’t know the prices yet of the “classic” Ghostbusters figures. Maybe around the same price. I heard today, not confirmed they may be Walmart exclusives. Since they’re not listed on Target’s site (or Walmart when I checked) that could possibly be true.

    Oddly enough the Ghostbusters (2016) ghosts are $9.99 USD. That’s what I thought the human figures would have been priced at.

    Other Merchandise

    Ghostbusters (2016) Slimer with sounds costs $19.99 USD.
    Ghostbusters (2016) Proton Pack: $29.99 USD.
    Ghostbusters (2016) Sidearm Proton Blaster: $29.99 USD.
    Ghostbusters (2016) ECTO-1/ECTO-2 (Hot Wheels) two pack: $9.99 USD.
    Ghostbusters (2016) ECTO-1 vehicle with mini figure: $14.99 USD.
    Ghostbusters (2016) Mini Figure Trap Playlet: $9.99 USD.

    I don’t have pricing for Mattel’s version of Minimates.

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