Build A Ghostbusters Bear


If you know me or even visited my personal blog, iRich you know I own at least one Curious George plush. Thanks to the Reys, my mom, a Jersey shore boardwalk, childhood, and probably Gund I’ve owned a handful of Curious George plushes. My original Curious George (since I had from 9 months old) stitching could no longer hold. I’ve probably been traumatized since 1985. The one pictured over at iRich became a replacement about the same time.

What does the Curious One and this Build-A-Bear story have do with one another? If you’re familiar with Build-A-Bear, you already know besides “outfits” for plushes with hearts, at Halloween adults and kids can buy costumes for their personal bears.

In the past as I would see military “flight suits” at there stores I thought if they sold a khaki flight suit (without patches) I could make a Ghostbusters uniform for Curious George. At some point the idea drifted into imagination.

It hasn’t been thought of in years, until yesterday. When Ghostbusters of Upstate NY saw this.


It only took 19 years, Build-A-Bear and Sony Pictures (uh along with us) will have licensed teddy bear plushes kids and kids at heart can turn into Ghostbusters.

Knowing how Build-A-Bear operates, accessories well as may be real as they’re “sold separately.” It would be awesome if the pack came with the flight suit. I just noticed, this bear has quite the resemblance to a certain “no ghost” logo.

In addition to creating a Ghostbusters bear, ghostheads can also buy a Slimer bear that might be a puppet. Somewhat similar to Kenner’s Green Ghost Puppet. (Ecto-Containment)

Further details are still to come. Maybe George could still become curious about ghosts.



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