Ghostbusters The Board Game II Gets Real


Our associates at Cryptozoic Entertainment and Sony Pictures Entertainment let us know about a new add on for the upcoming Ghostbusters The Board Game II. (GBI Blog Post, March 12, 2015)

Ghostheads probably never thought their would be new The Real Ghostbusters game pieces in the 21 Century. If you’re supporting Ghostbusters The Board Game II through Kickstarter it could become REAL


Get Real Pack

This one’s for the REAL Ghostbusters fans out there! We’re proud to announce an awesome add-on called the Get Real Pack with 23 minis inspired by the classic The Real Ghostbusterscartoon! And that’s not all: The pack comes with Ally Cards that introduce exciting new gameplay elements. The add-on is a CZE-exclusive that you can get for just $45!


Let’s do a rundown of the minis! First, you’ll get the Ghostbusters team—Peter, Ray, Egon, Winston, and even Janine—with the minis designed to resemble the characters from The Real Ghostbusters (RGB). They can be used as cosmetic swap-outs for the regular Ghostbusters in the game OR they can be used as Allies, which we’ll explain below.


The next RGB mini is the Ecto-2! Survey the city for paranormal hotspots with this 50mm vehicle. An autogyro that up to two Ghostbusters can ride, the Ecto-2 moves up to eight spaces uninhibited by map obstacles or other Entities. It has a fuel limit, though, and will become unusable if flown too many times.

If that weren’t enough, the add-on pack includes Real Ghostbusters plastic minis that upgrade the cardboard tokens in the game: eight Goo Piles, five Gates, and four Traps. These minis can also double as figure stands for those of you who want to display your paranormal paint jobs.


The five poker-sized Ally Cards in the Get Real Pack are additions to the Event Deck that will bring more friendly figures onto the map . . .. in the form of The Real Ghostbusters! When you draw an Ally Card, that figure is placed onto the space where the Goo Pile was, and you gain control of that character, taking his or her turn after you finish yours. Ally characters have unique abilities that assist the Ghostbusters in their fight. Allies only lasts for a little while before the rift in the dimensional fabric repairs itself and they return to their parallel universe, but while they are around, they can do pretty much anything a Ghostbuster can! Make the RGB team—including Janine—your Allies to add another cool wrinkle to your game. We’re all big fans of The Real Ghostbusters (so much nostalgia!), and we know many of you will love seeing the familiar art again and having the RGB team join Ghostbusters: The Board Game II with the Get Real Pack add-on!




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