Ghostbusters Battle For New York Dubai Ride


Since we last wrote about Ghostbusters theme park attractions (GBI Blog Post, January 3, 2016) there have been significant developments with Dubai Parks & Resorts motiongate theme park. Calling motiongate a theme park will be an understatement.

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Karcher Pressure Washers Can Handle Ectoplasmic Clean Up


When some of us first heard that Karcher, (US) a global company that manufacturers leading power washers wanted to begin a partnership for marketing Ghostbusters (2016) we were understandably skeptical. After all ever since our employers invented the Proton Pack, vacuum cleaners became cool by association. The solution was there, it was going to take time to put it all together.

Naturally as we’re not the only ones with a vested interested in Ghostbusters, our associates at Sony Pictures Entertainment really liked it. Both companies came together to market Ghostbusters (2016) and Karcher (UK) pressure washers in Europe.

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Ghostbusters Fan Competition Week Two


Sony Pictures Entertainment and their Ghostbusters social media accounts are running weekly fan competitions on Thursdays. Yes, we know its Friday. We got a little busy in the Eastern Time zone.

From Sonys Ghostbusters Twitter account:

Our franchises and ghostheads do have a lot of gear. Functional and of the non functional variety. Things may get interesting within the next week.

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