Ghostbusters Battle For New York Dubai Ride


Since we last wrote about Ghostbusters theme park attractions (GBI Blog Post, January 3, 2016) there have been significant developments with Dubai Parks & Resorts motiongate theme park. Calling motiongate a theme park will be an understatement.


In the Sony Pictures Studio part of motiongate is a life size Ghostbusters Firehouse HQ. With many of the specifications of the Hook & Ladder 8 my employers moved into three decades ago.

At the iconic firehouse ghostheads and theme park attendees will able to ride Ghostbusters: Battle For New York.

There’s something strange in the neighbourhood. Who they gonna call? You!

Duty will soon call and you’ll become the new recruit of the Ghostbusters team to help save the city!  This high-stake and interactive ride will take you to the Temple of Gozer where you join an epic rooftop battle. Show off your ghost-busting skills in the shooting games and save New York City!

When you’re done saving the world from Gozer head on over to Slimer’s Diner (somewhere between Spuds and Ectoplasmic Cafe) for all your food and beverage needs.

Motiongate is expected to open in October 2016.



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