Karcher Pressure Washers Can Handle Ectoplasmic Clean Up


When some of us first heard that Karcher, (US) a global company that manufacturers leading power washers wanted to begin a partnership for marketing Ghostbusters (2016) we were understandably skeptical. After all ever since our employers invented the Proton Pack, vacuum cleaners became cool by association. The solution was there, it was going to take time to put it all together.

Naturally as we’re not the only ones with a vested interested in Ghostbusters, our associates at Sony Pictures Entertainment really liked it. Both companies came together to market Ghostbusters (2016) and Karcher (UK) pressure washers in Europe.

In the meantime we easily promoted Karcher and Ghostbusters through social media. From a “professional services” side we held off on announcing a partnership until now.


Dirtbusters, Slimebusters and Ghostbusters can tackle even the toughest jobs with the new generation of Kärcher pressure washers. The Full Control Trigger Gun makes it easier than ever to find the right pressure setting for the surface being cleaned. From soft wood garden furniture or delicate vehicle paintwork to robust concrete facades: every type of dirt – natural or supernatural – is eliminated gently and thoroughly. Out of this world!

In a meeting where both companies inked (or slimed) a deal, to the surprise of some there was a little more ectoplasmic residue around the office then usual. Of the non lab kind. Our employees who keep the glass skyscraper almost entirely “slime free” were using traditional methods for cleaning up, Karcher was able to demonstrate how their power washers and Ghostbusters go together.

A few other details needed to be worked out. As we were preparing to write about the partnership photos surfaced of our mutually shared business vehicles.

For the foreseeable future Ghostbusters International and Karcher will use our ectoplasmic clean up units for when ghosts don’t make either of our jobs easy. Whether its residential or commercial.


We can’t all be in our line of work. Probably fortunate for you as it isn’t all glamorous. Ghostbusters and Karcher made a game so you can have similar, yet much safer fun like we do during ectoplasmic clean up.



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