Anovos Ghostbusters Proton Pack Replica Kit Information


Last month Anovos Productions LLC announced their upcoming Proton Pack replica kit. (GBI Blog Post, April 30, 2016) Since then Anovos told ghostheads through social media their is a payment plan for the upcoming kits. Great news for responsible ghostheads.

Going into the weekend (last if you knew we were slackers) Anovos sent out their May 2016 Ghostbusters newsletter where they not only updated their FAQ, began preparations for a new announcement.

Our first offering from the Ghostbusters™ collection is now available for pre-order, and this 1:1 scale Proton Pack in kit form is perfect for do-it-yourselfers with paranormal interests! Ghostbusters was one of the films that inspired the creation of ANOVOS and we’re happy to be working with the fan community to provide all of the detailed components needed to build your own pack, with future options to upgrade the electronics for full lights and sound. With a new film on the horizon, we’ve received many excited questions about the Proton Pack and have added answers to our FAQ page. Here’s a few to get you started…
Q. Will you be releasing a completed ready-to-wear version of the Proton Pack?


A. Yes, but we are still working out the details as far as pricing and enhancements that will make it differ from the kit version.

Will the thrower/Neutrino Wand have an extending barrel?

Yes, but we are still determining if it will be spring-loaded or manual extension.

 Q. Exactly how much assembly is required of the kit? (How many separate parts, trimming, gluing required, painting?)

We are still in the process of engineering individual components and do not have a final piece count. Most of the assembly will use fasteners (screws) for solid connections. Almost all the pieces will require paint/finishing of some kind. We will be providing detailed downloadable assembly instructions to make it as easy as possible for novice builders.

Q. Can you easily add electronics after you’ve built the kit?


A. Because most of the major assemblies are fastened together with machine screws, the disassembly is fairly straightforward and should only require reversing certain assembly steps to make modifications like the electronics upgrade.

Payment Plan Information
To help make this replica more accessible, we have also introduced a new Payment Planwhich means you no longer have to make full payment upon pre-order. Click here to secure your spot or read more about the Ghostbusters collection here in our FAQ.


We’ve known since March that Anovos will be making Ghostbusters uniform name patches. (GBI Blog Post, March 4, 2016) What good is a name patch without a suit to go with it?

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