James Maxwell Interviewed About Ghostbusters 2016 Props


You’ve probably already seen James Maxwell talking about busting ghosts with science from the Ghostbusters (2016) In Movie Site. (GBI Blog Post, March 4, 2016)

If you haven’t yet or its been a while James Maxwell, (who probably should be working for us) is a scientist who is pretty knowledgable about accelerators. At the time Ghostbusters (2016) was in production he was also a fortunate ghosthead who work on the theoretical Ghostbusters (2016) equipment. Or props since they can’t actually catch and capture ghosts.

At the end of May, (yeah, we get busy) David Latchman from Creators interviewed James Maxwell about his involvement with Ghostbusters (2016) and helping in making the props realer.

An excerpt.

David: How did you come to work on Ghostbusters and eventually redesign the Proton Pack?

James: I guess I should start from the beginning. My initial involvement seemed like it would be relatively minor. Essentially, the folks at Sony had contacts in California and, because they were going to be filming in Boston, were hoping to tour some labs at MIT to get some ideas for some props and some sets. They were put in contact with Lindley Winslow. She is a new professor who just started last year and she took them on tours of the labs in the Laboratory of Nuclear Science which is a sub-section of the Physics Department at MIT. It just so happens, she was moving into a lab that was adjacent to mine and during one of the tours with the props people from Sony, she asked me, “Would you mind if we took a look at your lab?” as I had given her a tour of my lab a couple of weeks before. My stuff is kind of fun looking and she wanted to show it to these film makers.

Full Interview. (Creator)


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